From beating the odds to changing the game

Communities have been fighting facing problems like huger, poverty and other challenges for too long. If we really want everyone to be able to thrive, it is time to try something new. The Civic Canopy transforms the we address pivotal issues in our society. The Canopy connects diverse groups of people seeking change in their communities and equip them with the tools to create meaningful and lasting impact.

Partner With Us

Build Relationships

Foster connections among people and across a broad network of partners

Develop Capacity

Create the culture, conditions, and capacity for transformational change

Catalyze Collective Action

Mobilize communities to create the systems they need to thrive

Our Approach

We design and facilitate public processes using a research-based Community Learning Model (CLM) that focuses on results, includes diverse stakeholders in thoughtful dialogue, and develops action plans and structures for learning from results—creating the conditions for collaboration to thrive. The CLM is a proven game-changer for achieving positive change in communities and puts collaboration at the forefront of solving societal issues that just won’t go away.

We’re Better Together

Working with communities throughout Colorado, we collect the latest tools and resources on collaboration and send them right to your inbox. Get connected.