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Case Study: East5ide Unified|Unido

A person’s zip code can better predict how long they will live or what health challenges they will face than their genetic code. To people living in 80205 in Denver,

Case Study: Revitalize the Rio

In 2017, community partners noticed there were goals in city plans around “embracing the Rio Grande River as a community asset,” yet no clear plan on what that meant, what

Case Study: Syringe Access Providers Coalition

When the Canopy started working with the Syringe Access Providers Coalition (SAP) in 2017, the group had a way of working together but knew that it needed to be stronger

Case Study: Early Childhood Shared Messaging Bank

The Civic Canopy provided backbone support to the Early Childhood Colorado Partnership (ECCP) for over seven years. This included facilitating meetings and action teams, updating membership lists, hosting the website,

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