Leslie Colwell

Company Name: Colorado Children’s Campaign
Company Position: Vice President of Education
Leslie believes deeply in the power of diverse coalitions working together to solve problems, which is why she’s thrilled to support the mission of The Civic Canopy. Leslie Colwell serves as the Vice President of Education Initiatives at the Colorado Children’s Campaign, a research, policy and advocacy organization working to improve the lives of Colorado kids since 1985. Leslie began her career teaching sixth grade math and Earth science in Los Angeles, where she also worked on Teach For America’s national team. In 2011, Leslie returned to her home state of Colorado to work with State Senator Mike Johnston and then with the Keystone Policy Center, where she initiated and facilitated the first education-focused stakeholder engagement work that Keystone had ever done. In addition to The Civic Canopy, she serves on the boards of the Colorado Latino Leadership, Research & Advocacy Organization (CLLARO), the country’s oldest Hispanic/Latino-serving nonprofit organization, and Park Hill Collective Impact, a nonprofit working to align the goals of individuals and organizations serving the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver. Leslie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from American University in Washington, D.C. and a teaching credential from the University of California – Los Angeles.

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