Our Services

Build Relationships

Foster connections among people and across a broad network of partners

Develop Capacity

Create the culture, conditions, and capacity for transformational change

Catalyze Collective Action

Mobilize communities to create the systems they need to thrive

In practice, the Canopy uses a variety of methods throughout each stream of our work. These include:

Because we focus on addressing complex problems throughout diverse communities, our projects often resist fitting into a simple mold. Throughout our work, however, we strive to increase our partners’ capacity to:
If the Canopy’s short-term goal is to provide as much support as possible, our long-term goal is to make sure we are no longer needed. The Canopy embraces a transfer of capacity approach where our skills become the community’s skills. The Canopy acts as a coach, trainer, and supporter to ensure partners are the long-term owners of project success. We turn over design and facilitation functions to partners at an appropriate pace throughout the project timeline

Canopy Associates

The Civic Canopy utilizes a facilitative leadership approach to build a team of Associates ready to work on projects in communities and initiatives across Colorado.  Canopy Associates are skilled partners who bring their own unique expertise to projects and initiatives and are trained in the Canopy approach to community collaboration. They bring an array of knowledge and experience on topics like strategic planning, project management, executive coaching, change management, evaluation, governance, and more. Together with Canopy staff, Canopy Associates help build an extended network of practitioners who work in community and learn together about the most effective ways to help communities build relationships, develop capacity, and catalyze collective action. 

Interested in becoming a Canopy Associate? Contact us for more information.

Hear From Our Partners

“The Civic Canopy taught us that it's really about relationships. It's about trust, it's about hope, and it's about the opportunity. The moment that we started realizing that is the moment that we started building strength in our community and we started seeing things happen.”
Emily Nieschburg
Big Timbers Community Alliance
“Civic Canopy facilitates conversation, convening people from the field and from policy to really learn about best practices and new research. Then figures out how to take that and turn that into an actionable project that improves situations for families.”
Kendra Dunn
Early Childhood Colorado Partnership
“The Civic Canopy has been particularly helpful in building the capacity of the members, the resident leaders, as well as some of the organizations. There's access to various training to increase skills, knowledge, and competency that we need in order to put forth some collective initiative.”
Tash Mitchell
SHARE Network
“When I come to a lot of these meetings, a lot of time it's the same people volunteering because they naturally have the same vision but coming to the Civic Canopy was a completely different context of seeing these same people working on a different project, having a facilitator who was from outside the community instead of one of us doing the facilitating. When you look at a town that you can drive from one side to the other in five minutes and you can get all the community leadership in the same room to make decisions you realize there's nothing we can't fix.”
Brad Roland

We’re Better Together

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